Life Story Healing

There is small theatre in Paris that has been running Ionesco’s absurdist play “The Bald Prima Donna” (La Cantatrice Chauve) non-stop since 1957, keeping the production intact only changing the cast over the years.

Life can be like that, circumstances and experiences in childhood help us form an idea of the world and our place in it. Often founded upon defences to protect that which is sacred to us, our true selves, we create stories and operate with the same production only changing the cast over the years. What we don’t realise is underneath it all, our true selves could live splendidly and in harmony in the world if we would only let them. Change and transformation comes through bringing our story to the surface, conscious decisions are made once we become aware of the story we are telling ourselves.

How it works

Life Story Healing is a process that uses the tarot and creativity to open up, hold, heal and transform the long-running production.

Through guided visualisations, family tree exploration and creative/poetic acts you will enter a journey of discovery and potential, leaving you confident in taking inspired action and becoming the conscious creator of your life.     

Alexandra Koren, BA, BSc, MA Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, Dip Application of Arts in Therapy and Education, Cert. Couns Skills