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Alex is a multi-lingual psychotherapist, arts facilitator, creative life coach, actress, theatre practitioner and a bit of a media geek. She has worked in newspapers, radio, TV and social media. Alex has always been interested in people's stories and the healing potential of the arts.

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Personal Bio

Born in Chile during a military dictatorship, she lived in exile with her parents and young brother in Norway. Declared dead twice as 5-year-old she remembers seeing her adult self, standing by the hospital door reassuring her that things would get better.

 At a young age, she became an activist travelling this Nordic country raising awareness around issues such as difference, diversity, integration and looking for ways to end xenophobia. She met with people who had never talked to fellow humans from other countries and discovered that education and empathy were two main ingredients needed for a harmonious relationship. At 13, she founded the International Information Group (IIG) run by an ensemble of young refugees from various areas destroyed by conflict. They wrote scripts and created role plays to be used as educational tools in a campaign to end discrimination.     

Seeing how powerful the arts were, she continued exploring different avenues of communication using dance performance, radio shows, public speaking and writing to build bridges between communities. During this time she became increasingly interested in learning about her roots, devouring any information that came her way. She comes from a long line of healers and mystics. However, her parents had decided to embrace atheism in their youth encouraging critical thinking and science as only possible worldviews.  Despite this, she soon found herself intuitively reading the Tarot.

Koren moved to London still a teenager to attend university, gaining her first Bachelor of Arts degree and subsequent experience in TV. Feeling disappointed with the industry and the rise of reality TV she left for Paris to test her resilience. Here, she danced in drumming circles by the River Seine and read the Tarot in exchange for food. She never felt freer. Without knowing anyone and not speaking the language she found that if she put her mind and feelings into something synchronicity would take over. 

After years working as an actress the craving to merge this craft with healing became increasingly urgent. She enrolled as a trainee arts psychotherapist, a journey of discovery akin to shamanic initiation. A qualified therapist and armed with experience in both traditional and alternative practices, she founded the Alma Hub, a project that aims to bring creativity to everyday life.

With a family line of mystics, it was only a matter of time that she would embark on the shamanic path. She is now an apprentice "curandera" (shaman) under Amazon Maestro Don Javier Arevalo Shashuano.

Alex has a therapeutic book out now via Balboa Press, a subdivision of Hay House. You can order "The Lion's Teeth" on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Balboa Press.

Alexandra Koren, BA, BSc, MA Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, Dip Application of Arts in Therapy and Education, Cert. Couns Skills